Real Relationships with Real Results.

Tom Ozbirn

Father of 3 | Doctor

“I’ve trained with Mike Smith for 5 years and in addition to being an excellent trainer, he has become a dear friend, like another son. I cannot wait to continue my fitness journey at Meta Fitness Studio - good people, great location, and training environment. Come check it out!”

Caroline Choy

Financial Analyst

“Rather than a typical client relationship, it's a familiar relationship. I believe that familiar quality is something they bring to all of their clients and it makes working out a little more bearable, because you have someone to talk to as you struggle to finish a set or dance with in celebration.”


Philip Thompson

Father of 2 | Engineer

"Walking into Meta Fitness for the first time, I was in awe with the space. It is sharp, clean, and efficient. ‬‬Matt Crane has been working with me for over a year. Two young kids have eliminated free time. Long hours of bike riding were no longer an option to keep fit. I needed something different to keep pace with my growing children. I was getting weaker as they were getting bigger. Without the luxury of time to spend hours working out, I focus on core strength and upper body work in 30 minutes sessions once a week with one-on-one attention. It has paid off, I can tackle any weekend adventure and have the strength to lift my kids over my head.‬ Meta makes it possible.‬‬"

Issac Mixon

IT Manager | Father of 3

“These gentlemen are a true credit to their profession. They genuinely care about clients meeting their goals, whether it be bulking up, cutting body fat or just getting healthy and feeling great. It's been an honor to know them and watch them excel at their purpose.”

Paula Simmons

Mother of 2 | CRNA

"I have been training with Matt for over four years now and have attained goals I thought I could never reach. One of the best parts about my workout is that when I show up at Meta Fitness, I know he’s not the only one interested in my fitness success. I have an awesome relationship with each trainer there, and they all work to encourage and support me in all that I do. I am definitely a life-long client!"